Blocks for WIKIs

Zolltan Farkas
Zolltan Farkas DE Business Posts: 37 Active Contributor

I'd like to have the possibility to create "blocks" next to each other, like in ""

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  • Marvin U
    Marvin U EN Basic Posts: 2 Beginner

    Same, i'd like to switch from notion but i need to be able to create wikis properly

  • JoiedeVivre
    JoiedeVivre EN Basic Posts: 65 Star Contributor

    Agreed - although I'd be satisfied with a ToC!

  • Amit Yadava
    Amit Yadava DE Business Posts: 11 Beginner

    Nice Idea! I would love to see that feature too!

  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, DE Business Posts: 1,013 Community Admin

    +1 Take my upvote 👍 - like @JoiedeVivre , I am looking forward to any sort of customizable navigation options for my notes/workspaces.

  • Marvin U
    Marvin U EN Basic Posts: 2 Beginner

    Just being able to have a link to a page on another page would already massively help to build wiki's.