Many to many relationships

Nathanael Coyne
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I know this is supported somewhat with the use of connectors but I'd like to see Mind Meister support it more integrally, if that makes sense. More like concept mapping. It's a big ask because I've used many tools and CMap - the academic sector Java application - is the only one that does this well.

This is following on from a question from @pblrapha

The idea of a concept map is to chart relationships between concepts. Many to many relationships. I very rarely actually create concept maps because that's peculiar to the field of knowledge management and ontologies which I don't work in.

But I'll show you an example of how many to many relationships can be useful in mind mapping.

So here is my mind map of something relating to user interface development showing the options available for each tile type on a dashboard:

There's a lot of duplication and the map is bigger than it needs to be, so I consolidate using detach topic and connectors:

It's ok ... but what if it looked like this, with no additional effort besides perhaps manually positioning some of the nodes but without them being considered "detached"?

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