Is there a bug for reordering projects? I can't reorder alphabetically or manually

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just switched from trello, but I just noticed: you can't sort your projects in alphabetic order. Actually I can't even sort them manually. Currently I got 33 projects and I want to sort them alphabetically. I can move a couple of projects, but not all, they just won't move.

Using Edge and Chrome

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    Hi @JMK, thanks for reaching out!

    Your projects are automatically sorted alphabetically when you import them into MeisterTask, but there's no button to sort them alphabetically a second time. If you have a lot of projects, you might consider creating Project Groups to further organize them into folders.

    If you're having issues clicking and dragging projects to resort them (as per Andres' GIF), then you might have encountered a bug. Could you try clearing your browser cache/trying the same action in private mode? If it still doesn't work, a screen recording and your browser/system information could help us investigate this issue further.



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    Hello @JMK welcome to the community.

    👇 The help article about reordering projects on your dashboard is linked below:

    Reorder Projects on Your Dashboard

    At the end of that article, I just read the following warning:

    I guess that's why you can't re-order them automatically in alphabetical order.

    However, I just move them manually to the position where I need them, alphabetically, or else.

    Like this:

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards.

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    there's no button to move the projects alphabetically. Or did I not found it?

    Either way, I can move some of my projects, but not all. Sometimes they move, but in the wrong place.