Some strange things about images

Nathanael Coyne
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Firstly, I love the images upload and paste feature. It just works, easy to use, great set of options and controls for resizing, aligning with captions etc.

There are just a few things relating to nodes and images that I want to mention.

If you have a node selected and paste and image, it pastes into the node. That's ok, but it's different to pasting text. When you have a node selected and paste text from the clipboard it pastes it into a new child node.

If I have nothing selected, it pastes the image into a new topic from the main topic. That's also ok, and at least that's consistent with how it handles pasting text with nothing selected.

However I can't paste an image as a new child node. I'm required to first create the child node, and I can't create a blank child node so I have to enter some text, and then paste the image. If I don't want any text (image-only node) I can't delete the text because that's an invalid node. However apparently that is valid in other contexts because that's what it does when I paste the image with nothing selected.

So when I want an image-only node:

  1. Have nothing selected
  2. Paste the image
  3. Image is pasted as a new image-only node under the main topic
  4. Drag and drop the image node to where I want in the tree

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