Feature request: Select all descendant nodes



Here's my use case.

I made a mind map for packing my luggage. Each leaf is an item, but since an item can be placed inside a small bag (eg. toiletry bag) inside a suitcase, there are intermediate non-leaf nodes.

When I put an item in the prepared luggage, I change the style to Green background. If I want to pass on an item, I set it Red. Also, when the toiletry bag is completed and packed, I collapse that node to made the view easier to browse.

When everything is packed, all nodes are green or red, and all are collapsed. My mind is free :-)

But now, what happens when I come back from the trip, and have to start over for the next trip? I need to change the style of nodes back to normal... and I haven't found an easy way to do it!!

Possible solutions:

  • If all nodes are expanded, I can select them all using Ctrl+A / Cmd+A, and apply the style. Unfortunately, there is no Expand All descendants feature AFAIK, so it has to be done by hand. So one way to do it would be to add this feature. But that would only cover the particular case of styling all nodes altogether.
  • If I could Select Node and All its descendants, I could apply the style easily. Also it would work in a larger variety of case (eg. I keep my toiletry bag with the items inside, no need to select all the items individually).
  • Or when applying a style, there could be a toggle Also apply to descendants.

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