Why is there no Meistertask footer in Mindmeister?

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Hi, eventually found a video describing how to get my entire mindmap from mindmeister into meistertask. Apparently all I need to do is turn on the meistertask footer on mindmeister by clicking the tick.

There is no tick and no meistertask footer!

I have the free version of both - is that the reason??

thanks for any help.

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    Hello @jpraill welcome to the community.

    This link shows some ways you can use MeisterTask with MindMeister.

    However, I can't remember of such a feature as you described. Please, could you share the link of the video you watched to take a look?

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    Hi, this page on the Mindmeister training site - https://www.mindmeister.com/training/best-practices/3/connect-mindmeister-with-meistertask

    …has a video. If you go to 0.48 seconds in it talks about opening the meistertask footer. Using that, you can drag and drop mindmeister nodes on to a person to assign as a task. You can also connect an entire map with a project - which is what I want to do.


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    Hi @jpraill , thanks for pointing out the training course! Unfortunately, the info in the video is not correct anymore, and the shown feature does not exist anymore. I'll ensure our team at Meister will link the correct information here in the future. I'll add it to our list of things that need updating. Sorry for the confusion 😬🙈

    Basically, the whole Best practice course is not up-to-date. You find up-to-date information in the videos and links that Andres posted above 🚀

    Or you can visit the MindMeister Academy here. I would recommend the Advanced Features course for you, you seem like a pro already.