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Aloha Meister!

I wanted to request for a feature to see if it can hold any merit to the roadmap for the suite… A Zoom Integration.

Now many folks use Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, but there are those of us Zoomites that want a lil' love too! So here are the ideas by product that would help accentuate the suite to support Zoom better!


  • Deeper integration to launch Zoom from MindMeister when offline collaboration is not working and the need for a meeting makes sense by the click of a button;
  • As a tiered solution, offer to kickoff a Webinar maybe for the Business Plan which could support more people (this obvious will depend on the integration and rules Zoom has to allow API a/o interoperability via their API);
  • If you can pull it off, integration into Zoom Chat to correlate and correspond to a map (this might be hard due to how Zoom Chat is setup but would be worth it to offer a chat/channel per map or per project, given how you set it up) (as a option of course to save to mindmap as metadata or not);;


  • Ability to kickoff a impromptu (or recurring) Zoom Meeting based off a one-time or recurring task in MeisterTask;
  • Similiar to MindMeister request above, integrate any chats from Zoom into the comments on the ticket (as a option of course to save to task or not);


  • This integration excites me a bit more than the above because of what MesiterNote is, but obivously since we can present in MeisterNote, integrate Zoom to help facilitate an online presentation instead of localized offline presentation;
  • The chat integration here would be really useful because with syncing notes between a note and Zoom channel, you could create a very integrated solution for collaboration here (2-ways sync if you could pull it off);

Of course there is much more you can do here, but the above would be a first, second and third pass into things and would help bridge that gap for us who use MeisterSuite and Zoom and simply “share our screen” today to tomorrow “collaborate with our team” more effectively and efficiently!

As always, just ideas and still love MeisterSuite and hope this finds you well. Aloha Mahalo friends!

best regards, ward s mitchell jr - creator and curator of https://bradda.works

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  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,012 Community Admin

    Aloha and Servus from Austria, @wardsmitchelljr. Thanks so much for the in-depth explanation — this really helps our team understand your use case and the potential effect of your request.

    I definitely feel that integrations with video-conferencing tools will become more and more standard as time goes on — very happy to see this request!