Is there a way to show the exact date when a comment in a task was posted?

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Maybe I can't find it, but is there a way to show the exact date when a comment in the comment section of a task was posted (same for activities). Makes it easier to track e.g. comments which say when an eMail was sent to another company or so..

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    Maybe this is not the most friendly way of getting what you want, but you can inspect the date element of a certain event (like a comment) and find the exact date and time embedded in the code of the HTML object.

    Right-click the date, then choose "inspect". Voilà!

    You might want to make a feature request, though…

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    Hi all — wanted to quickly jump in here to say that this is already available! You can find the exact date and time by hovering your mouse over the "x days ago" text:

    I realize this is a bit non-ideal and hidden, so I'm forwarding this to our product team for feedback. Hope this helps!