When exporting a mindmap in word, is it customizable?

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I need to export mindmaps to a word document. Ideally, this mindmap must be customizable inside word. I see Mindmeister can export in word. Is the export an image of the mindmap embeded in word, or a mindmap with customizable text and shapes?
Thank you for your help.

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    Hello @vizandre welcome to the community!

    The export includes an image that can't be edited in Word.

    Additionally, the export includes the written content of the mind map.

    As an example, I just exported this month's mind map featured in this other post.

    This is how I set up the export:

    This is the resulting file:

    I hope this helps you clarify your doubts.

    Best regards.

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    This is a great example, thank you for your help!