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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hey David, welcome to the community 👋🙂

    Great to have you here. I've been involved in video productions too with my agency. We've made aerial shots from helicopters and uav's for documentary style commercials. I can absolutely underline the importance of subtasks for projects like yours 👍️

    Best, Jörg

    Als Experten-Partner von Meister führe ich in meiner Agentur u. a. Workshops für die Integration der Meister Software durch. Hier in der Community freue ich mich auf den Austausch mit Euch und helfe bei Fragen zu MeisterTask, MeisterNote und MindMeister gerne weiter.

    Weitere Informationen findest Du auf agenturkoper.de und LinkedIn.

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all — our team has opened a design prototype of subtasks for testing and feedback from users. You can find a link to the test below, but you'll need to be a member of our MeisterTask Beta Testers Community to gain access. If you're interested in joining, send me a DM!



  • Michael Heil
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    Ok, in my first session I had big problems following your commands 2-4. But after that it was easy to follow and accomplish. I retried it and then it was very easy to accomplish all steps.
    I find the creation of subtasks ergonomic. However, what I'm missing is the view of the timeline of tasks and subtasks. I'm assuming that you can see the dependencies in the timeline. For example, I would like to be able to expand and collapse the parent tasks to see the subtasks.
    What I find extremely cumbersome is the assignment of dependencies in the subtasks. I would like to be able to set the dependencies for the subtasks in the parent task view using drag & drop. For example, drag the end of a subtask to the start of another subtask to create an end-to-start relationship. Or draw a start-to-start relationship and a start-to-end relationship by dragging and dropping a line between the subtasks in the parent-tasks view. Of course, it would also be ok if you could drag and drop these dependency lines between the subtasks in the timeline.
    Of course, it would also be desirable to be able to draw end-to-start relationships between parent tasks.

    What I'm wondering is whether you can also show and hide Kanban cards for parent tasks and subtasks on the master task board. I think it is absolutely essential that the individual subtasks are also listed as MeisterTask cards on the MeisterTask Board so that you don't always have to open the parent task cards to see the subtasks.

    And now back to the timeline: As already mentioned, you should be able to recognize the parent tasks, the subtasks and the dependencies between parent and subtasks and between subtasks and subtasks using lines in the timeline. In my opinion, it would be necessary to be able to optionally show and hide the parent tasks and the subtasks in the timeline. Of course you can also filter by task owner.
    And as has always been requested, I think a cross-project timeline is absolutely necessary!

    Das erstellen von subtasks finde ich ergonomisch. Was mir allerdings fehlt ist die Ansicht der Zeitschiene von Task und subtasks. Ich gehe mal davon aus, dass man die Abhängigkeiten in der timeline sieht. Ich würde mir beispielsweise wünschen, dass man die parent tasks auf- und zuklappen kann, um die subtasks zu sehen.
    Was ich äußerst umständlich finde ist die Zuweisung von Abhängigkeiten bei den subtasks. Ich würde mir wünschen, dass man per drag & drop bei den subtasks in der Ansicht der Parent task die Abhängigkeiten setzen kann. Also beispielsweise das Ende einer subtask ziehen auf den Anfang einer anderen subtask, um eine Ende-Anfang-Beziehung herzustellen. Oder eine Anfang-Anfang-Beziehung sowie eine Anfang-Ende Beziehung jeweils per drag & drop einer Linie zwischen den subtasks in der Ansicht der parent-tasks ziehen. Natürlich wäre es auch ok, wenn man diese Abhängigkeitslinien in der timeline per drag&drop zwischen den Subtasks ziehen könnte.
    Wünschenswert wäre natürlich auch, dass man Ende-Anfang-Beziehungen zwischen parent tasks ziehen könnte.

    Was ich mich frage ist, ob man denn auch Kanban-karten der parent-tasks und der sub-tasks auf dem meistertask-Board ein- und ausblenden kann. Ich halte es für absolut erforderlich, dass die einzelnen subtasks auch als MeisterTask Karten auf dem MeisterTask Board aufgeführt werden, damit man nicht immer die Parent-Taskkarten öffnen muss um die subtasks zu sehen.

    Und jetzt nochmal zur Timeline: Wie schon erwähnt müsste man in der timeline die parent-Tasks, die subtasks und die Abhängigeiten zwischen parent- und subtasks sowie zwischen subtasks und subtasks anhand von Linien erkennen können. Erforderlich wäre es meiner Meinung nach, dass man in der Timeline optional die parent-tasks sowie die subtasks ein- und ausblenden kann. Natürlich auch filtern kann nach task-Inhabern.
    Und wie schon immer gefordert halte ich eine projektübergreifende Timeline für absolut erforderlich!

    Michael Heil

    eBusiness-KompetenzZentrum gUG (haftungsbeschränkt)



  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Coming Soon: Introducing Subtasks - Your Ultimate Project Management Game-Changer! 🚀

    Hi, wonderful Community 👋!

    We've got some fantastic news that's sure to make your project management journey smoother, more organized, and more productive. Get ready to welcome our brand new feature - Subtasks!

    What Are Subtasks and How Do They Work?

    Large projects can sometimes feel like a labyrinth, with tasks multiplying and complexity skyrocketing as time goes on. But fear not! Subtasks are here to revolutionize the way you manage your projects.

    With Subtasks, you gain the power to break down your tasks into smaller, more manageable components.

    Here's how they work:

    📌 Granular Task Management: Subtasks allow you to dissect your tasks into smaller, bite-sized pieces. This means you can plan with precision and assign subtasks to different team members. A Subtask can also contain its own description and everything associated with a normal task. 

    🗓️ Set Due Dates: No more guessing games! You can assign due dates to your Subtasks, ensuring everyone knows when they should work on a task and when it's due. Say goodbye to missed deadlines!

    👥 Assign with Ease: Assign Subtasks to specific team members effortlessly. This level of granularity gives everyone a great overview of who's responsible for what.

    📊 Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind: Subtasks provide a bird's-eye view of all your projects and tasks. You'll experience more clarity and peace of mind as you regain control over your projects, ensuring their success.

    🔄 See the Bigger Picture: Subtasks aren't just about breaking tasks into smaller parts. They're about understanding how these parts fit into the grand scheme of your project. You'll always have the bigger picture in sight.

    When are Subtasks being released?

    🗓️ Scheduled Release: ~ Q4 2023 - We're thrilled to announce that Subtasks are currently scheduled to be released in the final quarter of 2023. Get ready for a transformative experience in project management!

    Got questions or thoughts to share? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below. If you are a beta-tester, share your first-hand experience. 

    Cheers, Cornelia

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all! Subtasks were rolled out to all users today! More information here:

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