Is there an integration of MeisterTask 3 with Spark 3?

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Is the integration of MeisterTask 3 with Spark 3 (services) still possible? How can I set this up?

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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @Ralf,

    Have you tried to follow the step-by-step guide here?

    Please let me know if you get stuck at a certain point.




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    Hello @Ralf welcome to the community.

    According to this website, there's indeed an integration for the Spark Mail app with MeisterTask. However, I don't have an iOS device at hand presently to test it with.

    Maybe @Joerg Koper or @Rooster McNugget can take a look when they have a chance.

    Best regards.

    Andrés D'Andrea

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  • Rooster McNugget
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    Hi and thanks for adding me mate! @Andres D'Andrea

    @Ralf, as I could see in the free version from Spark there is no category "Add in" at the settings. Maybe you can find a setting in the payed version. Take a look for the category "Add ins" at the settings in your account.

    I could find the Add in there in the Outlook app.

    And perhaps @Joerg Koper has an other idea…

    Best, Samuel

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @Ralf and welcome to the community from here too 👋🙂

    I hope one of the advices from @Andres D'Andrea and @Rooster McNugget has helped you out.

    I'm unfortunately not using spark, but I'm sure, we'll get this problem solved in the community.

    Best, Jörg

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