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Hey, y'all. Brand new here, but I noticed something the other day that has left me really confused. The math just really doesn't add up here. I was trying to email support, but I couldn't find a way to do that (no "Contact Us" page or anything like that).

On iOS, where Apple infamously takes a 30% cut of all transactions, MindMeister Pro annual subscription is $100/yr (personal is $60/yr), but online, where Meister controls the billing at a substantially lower cost, the annual Pro subscription is $138/yr (personal is $84/yr). For the MeisterSuite Pro bundle (Mind + Task) subscription, it's $214/yr, but buying them separately on iOS, again, where Apple takes a 30% cut of all transactions, is only $200 (or $160 if you use Personal for Mind).

Sooooo MiesterLabs would only be making 70% of the subscriptions made on iOS ($70/yr each for Mind and Task Pro; $42/yr for Mind Personal). I'm just wondering why the online subscriptions don't have an annual discount built into the annual subscription price like iOS clearly has, and why the MeisterSuite bundle, which only includes Mind and Task, is prohibitively more expensive than separate subscriptions made on iOS.

I'm not mad or anything, since I'm subscribed through iOS, but like…from business, marketing, and revenue standpoints, these different billing options make absolutely no sense.

(On a different Note (pun intended), why doesn't the MeisterSuite bundle include Note?)

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @jpg93 - thanks for reaching out and welcome! I don't personally have any insight into our pricing models, as these are handled by our marketing team — but I've forwarded your request internally to get more information. 😀