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Nathanael Coyne
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It feels like a missed opportunity or something that the Dashboard on web and Notifications screen on mobile that you see when you go into MeisterTask are largely empty and I don't know how to make them useful.

Ideally the Dashboard concept should span both products/devices and be, well, a dashboard! Something that gives me a view of my tasks other than the Agenda, Notifications inbox (I'm guessing Notifications are when someone @'s me in a comment?), or My Tasks.

I'm not suggesting you mimic Jira here, but when I had dashboards in Jira they would give me a rundown of recent activity and changes, charts showing distribution of work by number of tasks, statistics, links, burndown, rate of new work vs completed etc.

I'm just using MeisterTask for myself and my wife so it'd be silly to have pie charts, but what else might a dashboard have that adds value? Recently modified or updated tasks? Recently completed tasks? A tile with number of tasks in FOCUS that links to my Agenda?

At the moment all that's on my Dashboard is My Tasks, filtered by FOCUS, grouped by PROJECT. And that's squashed into about 20% of my screen.

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