Is it possible to tag and search/ filter blocks of text by tag?

Nathanael Coyne
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I've just started playing with MeisterNote to see if it can do what I'm hoping for.

Right now I have lots of chunks of text for responding to selection criteria for jobs. I've been working for 23 years and can do about five different roles so lots of text, some of them overlapping, some of them describing different facets of the same role or project.

What I'm hoping for is to tag and stash maybe 50 blocks of text and then be able to filter to find relevant blocks.

e.g. show all blocks tagged #wireframing or don't show anything tagged #servicedesign

When I include tags in the block of text and try to filter notes they don't show up, zero results.

Is that feasible?

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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @NathanaelCBR 👋🙂

    I hope I got you right. To filter out "tags" in MeisterNote you can use the search feature:

    A filtering feature like in MeisterTask is unfortunately not (yet) available. I think, this would be great and needed. MeisterNote is still in the beginning of his journey, with lots of potential. So You may write a feature request.

    Best, Jörg

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