💡Submitting Feature Requests: Some Guidelines

Andrew Lapidus
Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,009 Community Admin

Got an idea for improving the Meister Suite? 🤔 We'd love to hear it!

User feedback is the primary driver of our product roadmaps - we review user requests and feedback on a daily basis. Read on for a few basic guidelines on how to submit effective feedback.

Before submitting an idea:

  1. Search through existing ideas. Before submitting a new idea, be sure to search the ideas category for similar suggestions - Your idea may already be planned on our roadmap!
  2. Upvote and comment on other ideas you'd like to see implemented. Ideas with lots of upvotes and comments will be considered more closely by our product teams, so spread the love and upvote other users!
  3. Follow ideas you'd like to be notified about. Upvote or comment an idea to follow it and receive notifications when the idea's status is changed (i.e. planned -> implemented).

How to submit an idea:

  1. Go to the Ideas category of MindMeister, MeisterTask or MeisterNote.
  2. Click the button labeled New idea.
  3. Choose a title for your idea which begins with the text: "💡Feature request". A good title sums up your idea and attract the eyes 👀 and upvotes ⬆️ of other users.
  4. In the body of your post, be sure to include:
    1. Your proposed solution.
    2. The problem you'd like to solve
    3. How your proposed solution would help you solve this problem.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Watch as other users upvote your idea!

I hope these guidelines help - see you in the ideas categories of MindMeister, MeisterTask and MeisterNote!


PS: We're a small team with a large user base - please don't be disheartened if your favorite feature isn't added right away! We'll do our best to keep you updated on our feature roadmaps and the status of your most popular ideas.



  • Marco Mezzalana
    Marco Mezzalana EN Basic Posts: 4 Beginner

    I really would love to have this feature:

    When you have 2 baloon both can point to a single baloon. Now you can "force it" by using the link between ideas, but it is not useful.

    I've to say the new editor is very very slow compared to the legacy one

  • Miša Hennin
    Miša Hennin Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business, DE Advocate Posts: 1,423 Community Admin

    Hi @Marcomesa and welcome to the Community!

    Thanks for your idea. To submit a feature request so that other users can upvote it, please follow the step-by-step guide above.