🤓 MeisterHack: Add Depth to your Map with a Color Legend

Miša Hennin
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Hey Community 👋,

One of my favorite things about MindMeister is how much detail you can add. With notes, connections, comments, attachments, there's a wealth of information you can present within a single mind map.

Recently, I came across a way of adding even more detail:

Check out the image below for an example from @Olaf Roeb's mind map:

You can also see a color legend in action in @Nick Willemsens' distribution template.

💡To help you change the colors of topics correctly and efficiently, you can use the paste styles function. When you copy a map topic, the style is "saved" and can be pasted on to any other topic.💡

Hope you enjoyed this MeisterHack!




  • Lina
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    Nice idea! thanks