What happened to the images in my mind map?

Gabriel Monteiro
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I'm having problems with the images on my mental maps, a few days ago I put some images because they help me to better fix the matter but when I entered my mental map today they simply disappeared, how do I solve it?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all - thanks for reaching out!

    I wasn't able to immediately duplicate this issue on my side — I'll reach out to our developers to see if they're aware of any active bugs.

    In the meantime, glad to hear that the re-upload seems to have worked. 👍




  • Jens Brinch Moeller
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    Hello @Gabriel Monteiro ,

    Having the same issue with some of my mind maps - think it's a technical issue in the back-end - as the images vanished during the afternoon today.

    I decided to solve it by uploading the images again (which was possible without any issues) in to the one I was working with.

    We will see if the images are present tomorrow or not 🧐

    Best regards,

    Jens Brinch


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