Why did my mind map not save?

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Yesterday I discovered Mind Meister and I spent half the day making a mind map, the tab was open the entire day and so there would have been plenty of time for the system to automatically save as stated on the About Page. However when I open the map again today an earlier version is only saved and I lost hours of work and time doing research.

This is quite frustrating, if there is anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated. I don't understand why this would happen, the tab was open for a long time even after I stopped working on it and I hit ctrl + S many times throughout.

Having a lot less trust in this application.

Any help is appreciated.





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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi NJ,

    Thanks for the extra info. I've just forwarded your request to our support team as this seems to be an issue relating to your account.

    Somebody from the team will be in touch with you shortly via email.




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    Hello @NJ; welcome to the community.

    I've alerted the community moderators about your issue, expect a response soon.

    Best regards.
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  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @NJ and welcome,

    I'm sorry to hear your mind map didn't save. MindMeister works with a strong internet connection. Is it possible your wifi disconnected or you didn't have a stable connection? If changes aren't saved, it means connection wasn't strong and changes couldn't be synced.



  • NJ
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    Hi Misa, thanks for the assistance

    The internet I have is very strong and it has never randomly disconnected. I was using the internet throughout the day after I stopped using the mind map, as mentioned there was plenty of time for the mind map to save itself since the tab was open even once I was not using it.

    Is there a way on the system's side to look through the records of my mindmap to find any other versions available other than the current one?