I forgot a step. How can I add it now?

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This is probably an easy to answer issue: I created a workflow and I suddenly realized I need to add one child in the middle of my map. How can I do that?


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    Hey @Pedro and welcome,

    I think we had a similar question a few weeks ago. Does this answer help you maybe?

    Let me know if it's not what you're looking for.




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    Hello @Pedro, welcome to the community.

    You can add topics above one already created using the key combination "Control" + "Enter"

    Another way to reorganize topics in a mind map is to use the "Control" key with arrows up and down to move them hierarchically in your mind map structure.

    I hope this helps, best regards.
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  • Pedro
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    Hi Andres,

    are those combinations for Mac? Because they're not working for me. I'm on a MacBook Air

  • Pedro
    Pedro EN Basic Posts: 7 New Here

    That is what I want to do. Thanks!