How can I resolve my formatting issues?

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Hi guys,

When I format text (say, bold type for instance) in MindMiester then export to WORD, the text in WORD comes out showing the format code (** on both sides) instead of actually showing the text in bold?

Second question, when I type notes and seperate them by shift-return, why do they come out in the WORD doc without any spacing?

I'm assuming the answer to Q1 is also the answer to Q2.

What's the answer?



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    Hello @Declan Overton I believe it has to do with markdown formatting being used in the web interface.

    When it comes to formatting, Meister uses markdown as the markup language to delimit the tags in text strings.

    For example, any text enclosed in double asterisks will be displayed as bold text. You can actually try it in these responses as well.

    You can try contacting support from your MindMeister dashboard to report those exporting issues and see if they come up with a quick fix or something.

    Best regards.

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