Error when restoring a previous version of my map
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I can’t restore the previous version of the map, they write me an error and what the team already kn

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @[email protected] - I've forwarded your request to our support team, who will be in touch with you ASAP!




  • bsvilela
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    Hi @Andrew Lapidus! I have exactly the same problem here. It's been happening for a few days now.

    I tried contacting support but to no avail...

    I need to access the content of the previous version urgently.

    Could you help me, please?



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    Same situation happened here.
    I have a free account and its not allowing to restore a previous and important version.

    MindMeister asks to change from the free account to a payed account in order to restore the old version , but they never mentioned this during the time I was working on creating the mind map, when I spent hours and lot of effort to put all info together.

    This is not fare, as they "promote" the free account as you are all to create a certain number of mind maps (think 3) and in reality isn't like this.

    I lost my time and I'm very dissapointed.

    Looking foward to have a positive feedback soon.