[RESOLVED] Why am I getting PSA Errors (400 and 502) in MindMeister?

Beata Mertyn
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Hi guys,

I have some issues with the software from some time - time to open the mindmaps is longer, adding images and branches aren't pasting correctly etc.

PSA errors which I can see (400 and 502).

I have Internet connection, that's why I'm curious if it is only the issue at my account or is it more spreaded to other users. could you let me know, please?

Kind regards,


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  • Admin BSF.company
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    Hello @Merbe, thanks for reaching out to us here.

    Personally, I haven't experienced anything like that recently. I'm curious, are you using a desktop application or web interface?

    In case that's a desktop app, could you please describe which OS and version are you using?

    Considering that you already checked your internet connection, if I were in your shoes, I'd try clearing cookies and cache or try with another supported web browser…

    In case you want to open a Support ticket, you can follow these steps:

    Please let us know in case you sort it out.

    Best regards.
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  • Beata Mertyn
    Beata Mertyn EN Basic Posts: 21 Star Contributor
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    Hi Andres,

    thank you for your message.

    I use a web application. I've deleted old cookies and cache and now it work smoothly!

    Kind regards,


  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Beata Mertyn - glad to hear that clearing the old cookies and cache solved this issue! Sorry for the headache here — I'm going to flag our engineering team to take a closer look at what might have occurred here and find a solution!