Why am I being taken to 'plans' page despite having a business account?

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Hi all, my Mindmeister flipped out this morning, restarted the webpage and now it will only take me to the plans page or my account details. I have a business account associated with my university which is showing but I cannot navigate away from it to get back to my mindmaps. Tried resetting passwords, resetting browers nothing is working.

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    Hello, welcome to the Community @cate91!

    It seems like the license might need a renewal. Are you the admin of that Business group at the University? In case of no: have you checked with the Business Account Admin the state of the license?

    In case it's not the license, I've heard about something like that a couple of times in the past, and the users got rid of the issue by clearing all the cache and cookies in their web browser.

    Sometimes cookies get corrupt in our browsers when we have too many tabs open and the browser gets overloaded.

    Could you try again after clearing all cache and cookies, or maybe logging as incognito and tell back what the results are, please?

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