Keyboard shortcut to allow instant full-screening of pictures (for presenting)

Owen Dempsey
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Hi, beginner, love MindMeister, particularly for presenting, a real game-changer.


For it to really challenge my use of Google Slides for presentations it would be fantastic to have a keyboard shortcut that quickly allows fullscreen pics to be opened and closed without popup menus appearing. It would look much more professional. Does one / could one, exist?


I can see the merit of the 'presentation mode but, for me at least, it provides too "zoomed in" a view and involves pressing "-" or "+" a lot to get the audience back to a more general overview. I therefore prefer to work with an audience using the standard, 'non Presentation' mode.

For nodes on the mindmap that enclose a slide/picture, it is rather clunky having to click first on the picture, see the popup menu, choose "full screen" and then, having finished showing the slide/picture then having to double-click out to get back to the mindmap. Would it be possible simply to hover over the mini picture, hit a keyboard shortcut which would open it up slickly? Similarly, for closing down slickly?

Thanks for reading this and I welcome any comments.


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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Owen Dempsey - thanks so much for reaching out with such an extremely well-thought-out idea and piece of constructive criticism! Thrilled to hear that MindMeister has been a game-changer for your workflow 😁

    I definitely agree with your thoughts on presentation mode — as a matter of fact, our team is in the process of reassessing presentation mode based on feedback like yours — I've just forwarded your point about zoom options to the team.

    Also love the idea of a single-click "fullscreen" option for viewing images!

    I've gone ahead and changed your post into a "Feature Request" which can be upvoted by other users. You've certainly got mine!

    Btw: if you're interested in presenting using the standard editor, consider using Focus Mode, as suggested by @Tatiana Torres in this post:

    Thanks again, and happy to hear more thoughts from you and others!



  • Owen Dempsey
    Owen Dempsey EN Basic Posts: 5 Beginner

    Thanks Andrew, appreciated.