🎓 What the heck is a strategy? (Academy News: Free online course)

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Hi everyone 👋, 

Do you know what a strategy is? How to come up with one? And how mind mapping can easily help you? If the answer is “no”, “nope”, “no idea”—well, you are not alone.

So what the heck is a Strategy?
Strategy = What my desired outcomes are and how I'm going to get there 

And what about Strategic Planning?
Planning = What I need to do 

Mind maps are a great tool for strategic planning as they enable you to conduct all kinds of analyses and evaluations of your company, your products, and the market. A SWOT map will quickly show you strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Recently, we launched 5 new, free online courses to help you with strategic planning. The courses walk you through a detailed SWOT analysis using a mind map. All templates are available in the MindMeister template library. 

Course 1 - Preparing Your Brainstorm: The first one course is a special one–we are happy to partner up with @Liam Hughes, founder of Biggerplate and mind mapping expert, to present tips and tricks for strategic project planning. 

💡 What you will learn: 

  • How to set up a strategic planning mind map and where to find helpful mind map templates
  • The best ways to prepare and plan for a brainstorming session to ensure you and your team get the best possible inputs in your MindMeister mind map.

Study Duration: 20 mins

👉 Check out the course here: https://meister.coassemble.com/unlock/yR0jCwv

Let me know what you think and leave your questions and comments below 👇