Why is moving topics by drag-and-drop not smooth in the new editor?

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In previous versions, there was no problem, but in this new version,
moving topics by mouse operation is not smooth (they are moved to the
wrong place), and drag-and-drop operations such as jpeg images often
result in mishandling, which greatly reduces work efficiency. We hope
you can improve this problem as soon as possible. If this is not
possible, I would appreciate it if you could make it possible to
downgrade to the previous version. Thank you very much.

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  • T S
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    Hello @Andrew Lapidus

    Thank you for your prompt advice.
    I have removed the "always use new editor" setting from the preferences as you linked to, but when I open each map from "Open with legacy editor", I cannot edit them. Is it possible to edit with legacy editor?

  • T S
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    @Andrew Lapidus

    Note that I can write a new map using LEGACY EDITOR.
    I am having trouble editing an existing map using legacy editor, even after changing the settings as described above.

  • Greg Ray
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    I can confirm the problem, Legacy maps began sporadically to be uneditable a few months ago, and then went total. Bad for me , because I was in the middle of running a college class and relied on the legacy editor to mark-up student maps. A few student maps caught in the transition became uneditable period. Yikes.

    Practically speaking, the change forces use of the new editor. Which would not be a bad thing if more of the old-editor features were brought over: e.g., custom map templates, and a persistent category of custom markup presets (for node styling & stamping (emoji, etc)).

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi all - yes, I can confirm that a couple of months ago, the MindMeister developers made a backend change that makes the conversion of "old-editor maps" to "new-editor maps" permanent. More info on that change can be found here.

    Sorry for the headache here — if you have any maps that got accidentally converted which you'd like to revert to the old editor, please enable support access for the account that owns the map and reach out to me via DM with the map name.

    @Greg Ray - definitely agree with your feedback regarding the missing features. The team is prioritizing feature parity between the old and new editors in coming updates. Right now, there are still no plans to completely sunset the old editor for paid legacy customers, so in the meantime setting these options remain your best bet for continuing to use the old editor!

    Hope this helps -


  • Marcelo S Silva
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    How can I move a topic up in the hierarchy? Is there any short key?

  • Greg Ray
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    @Andrew Lapidus Thanks for the info on this and glad to hear that the new editor is meant to move toward feature parity.

    I do not need any map conversions, but thank you for the offer. I buckled down and completed my markup work for the class (which is now over) using the new editor. So much clicking!!

    I should note that, for someone like me with a EDU account, that backend change made continuing to use the old editor literally impossible. That is because while the Legacy Editor option was turned on (by request) for me, my students did not have that option, and so every map they touched became then uneditable by me using the Legacy Editor.

    Anyway, thanks again.

    All Best,