🧠 Brainstorming Template : The SCAMPER Method

Andrew Lapidus
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"How might we..." The three words that drive innovation 🚀

Use this new brainstorming template to boost creativity in your organization or classrom and reframe problems as opportunities.

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How to use this template:

"How might we" is an easy, commonly used brainstorming method. All you need is a topic.

The topic is then rephrased into a more actionable "How Might We" sentence. That way rather than using a negative framing like: "We need to improve our bad customer service" you rephrase it into something that offers more opportunity, like: "How Might We improve customer satisfaction."

Click each note in the mind map template for detailed instructions and complete your brainstorming session in 5 steps:

  1. Reframe the problem into an actionable "How might we..." sentence in the center of your mind map.
  2. Ideate: Each team member generates as many ideas as possible in a short amount of time.
  3. Curate: Each team member picks their 10 favorite ideas.
  4. Vote: The team votes on their favorite ideas.
  5. Arrange: The team selects the ideas with the most votes.

Try it out yourself, and let us know how your brainstorming sessions went in the comments below 😀