Is it possible to add a gap in a single task on the Timeline?

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Hi everyone! Could you help me, please. I'm deciding whether to upgrade to business plan because I'm interested in Timeline option. But first I need to know whether is it possible to insert a gap in the same task? For example, one task is being done from 25 to 26 June and from 29 to 30 (see picture below).

Is it possible to shedule the task in such manner? I.e., if you drag & drop it twice on the timeline?

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    Hey @Olga,

    the timeline doesn't exactly work like a calendar. You can plan a task only for one desired from / to date. This is important to prevent chaos in the timeline, that would be caused by too many split up tasks. We need to keep in mind, that MeisterTask is a task- and project management tool. Not a pure time planner tool. Here you find some best practice tips.

    But now the good news:

    To control the timing of tasks, you can use MeisterTasks automations. If you want a task to be edited from 25th to 26th of June, you can set the date in the task. Let's say you have a three-day rule for further editing of the task. In this case, you can create a separate section called "further editing rule" and insert the automation "Update due date":

    You can then insert the three days and a desired time:

    Let's say you move the task to the new section after the first editing has finished on the 26th of June. It now will get an updated due date to the 30th of June. And, it will of course be shown updated in the timeline.

    This way you have a clean timeline, and it will always be shown the real work in progress. Including the automated next step on 30th of June. You can insert more individual automations in this section if needed and then collapse the section with a double click:

    If you'd like to have a feature that allows you to control the timing of tasks even better, feel free to write a feature request. I'd be glad to support you with my vote 💪😉

    Best, Jörg

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