How to use my map offline?

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I need to have a backup map off line should I not have connectivity while presenting it.

How is this done please? I have tried exporting but it isn't Live. I can't open my 'child' and sibling.

If have tried .pdf and powerpoint, but I want to keep the mind map format.

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Noddie - thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community 😊 Just spoke to @Joerg Koper about this - Unfortunately, there isn't currently an easy way to navigate through your mind map while completely offline. One potential solution would be to export the map as an image and simply present the map as a static diagram, but I get that this isn't an ideal solution.

    If it's an option, you might consider tethering your laptop/computer to your phone's internet?

    Long story short, it's not fully possible (yet), but I think it's a totally legitimate request. I'd encourage you to upvote the feature request below to get more attention to this feature:

    Sorry to disappoint but hope this helps,