Feature Requests for the New Editor - LOTS of em.

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Our team kind of freaked out when the maps started defaulting to the new editor. We use so many features in MM connected with MT, and the connection is faulty at best in the new editor. We've since learned from our account rep how to continue opening in the old (better) editor, and we're continuing to do so. The main reason we need the connection between maps and tasks to work is that we keep our SOPs in the maps - laid out as tasks. Then, when it comes time to run an SOP, we can connect a task board and drag and drop all tasks to the appropriate people.

Actual requests for the new editor:

  • Connection between maps and task boards as easy as it used to be
  • Task assignment drag and drop
  • Bulk task assignment and date assignment possible (as it is in the old editor)
  • Connections between maps and boards are column-specific (again, see the old editor)
  • Automatically resize layouts so items don't overlap - seems to mostly be a problem between old and new maps

I'm sure I have more, but basically take the functionality of the old editor and the styling of the new editor 😉


  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,010 Community Admin

    Hi @BrooksMiller , thanks for your feedback and welcome to the community! 👋 It's especially great to hear directly your workflow for integrating MM with MT (dragging and dropping SOPs into project sections). Your requests definitely touch on three main issues which are currently the MindMeister team's top priority:

    1) General feature parity between the old editor and new editors: This not only includes the MM-MT Integration, but also Presentation Mode and custom themes.

    2) Fixing issues related to transferring "old editor" maps to "new editor" maps: as you point out, there are some overlap issues when old maps are transferred to new maps - I just attended a meeting where fixes were drawn out and proposed. I'll update you hear as soon a fix is implemented and get your feedback.

    3) Ensuring that our three products work better together. I have to agree with you that the old "drag and drop" window at the bottom of the map editor is more intuitive than the current "action" button, and (imho) feels a bit "slicker". Our team is currently updating the MM - MT integration to make this smoother.

    I'll keep you updated on this thread as we make changes, and get your feedback on whether these allow you to use your workflow on the new editor. Thanks again for posting your feedback hear - would also be great to hear form other users who have a similar workflow!