How to export to powerpoint in more logical order?

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I have a very complicated mindmap I would like to export to powerpoint in an order that makes sense — i.e., with child ideas following the main idea they are related to. But when I use the function something else happens: the slides go through level one ideas, then level two ideas, then level three ideas, creating a deck that is complete nonsense. To make things worse, the expert seems to break up the ideas a bit randomly. Does anyone have a fix for this, that would really help in transforming a complex mindmap into a powerpoint deck?


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    Hi @CliffS and welcome to the community 👋🙂

    Can you please have a look at the mind map in outline mode? Is the order in outline mode shown correctly or identically with your description?

    MindMeister orders mind maps in the background like users create them, but when a user reorders and/or renames nodes after having created them to a different order, it's getting a bit confusing, because MindMeister adheres only to the original sequence. This behaviour leads to the often described "chaos" in the export.

    I have published a little workaround for similar situations:

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