Why can't I log in after 1 week of trying the basic version?

Luqmaan Titus
Luqmaan Titus EN Basic Posts: 1 New Here

I have been trying mind meister for about 1 week now, I was ok with the little glitches that would occour here and there since I just needed to refresh my page to get it working again. But now that I cant even log in I am having second doubts about continuing to use the app. My question is, am I always going to run into bugs? I cant tell if the website is deliberatly designed to break down after certain use as a marketing tactic so that your forced to take certain offers? what other unwelcomed surprises lay ahead? am always going to struggle to log in?

If someone knows how to fix the can't log in issue please advise

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  • Andrew Lapidus
    Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, DE Business Posts: 1,013 Community Admin
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    Hi Luqmaan - sorry to hear about this issue! I'm not aware of any current bugs affecting login, so I'm forwarding your case to our support team. They'll be in touch via e-mail ASAP!