Does the new map editor support Apple Magic Keyboard with iOS app?

Gerald Stowers
Gerald Stowers EN Basic Posts: 12 Beginner
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I am having an issue with keyboard support using an IPad Pro 12.9 latest gen and the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Enter key is supposed to create a sibling. When I access the web version, tab and enter work correctly.

When I use the iOS app, tab work correctly but Enter key does not do anything.

On the old map version, it works as expected on web and iOS.

Is anyone else having this issue?


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  • Miša Hennin
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    I'm afraid the magic keyboard is currently not supported on the MindMeister apps. Our developers are aware of the issue and are working on it.

    I'm sorry to disappoint!




  • Yuki Kawazoe
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    Hi Gerald,

    Some Japanese users have similar problems.

    We hope for an immediate improvement.


  • Roman
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    I have the same problem and I think its not only based on the Magic Keyboard. Its more an iOS Keyboard problem. I have an Logitech Keyboard for my iPad and I have tested it also with an Bluetooth Keyboard on my iPhone.

    BR Roman

  • Gerald Stowers
    Gerald Stowers EN Basic Posts: 12 Beginner

    This seems to be a pretty basic function. The magic keyboard works on an ipad pro when using the browser version of mindmeister. Why can't it be fixed in the app?