Disappearing topics due to pressing the backspace key too many times when erasing many characters

frog style
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I apologize for asking this question so often,

Often when I use the backspace key to erase several characters in a row of text in a topic in a mind map, I press the key too many times and the topic itself disappears, and I have to start over to bring the topic back.
This is a minor stress.

When erasing text in a topic with the backspace key, I hit it too many times, and if I hit the backspace key still when the number of characters reaches zero, the topic disappears.

I think that is true, but is there any way to set it so that if I accidentally hit the backspace key too many times, it will not erase any topics but that one?

Of course, if there is a topic that I want to delete, I can click somewhere else and then click again and press the backspace key to delete the topic.


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  • Joerg Koper
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    Hi @frog style 👋🙂

    First…there's nothing you have to excuse for. I absolutely understand what you mean. Working in a "productivity mode" can sometimes be difficult, when it comes to problems like you described.

    If you have accidentally deleted a topic, you can always get back the related steps with the restore feature. If you'd like to know, how exactly the delete tab is working, you can have a look at MindMeister's shortcuts. You may find it useful for further productive work with MindMeister.

    Best, Jörg

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