How to duplicate sections of MindMap?

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Ok I need to build a visual organizational model. I'm going to attach an image of the start. I need a 3x3x3 model, 9 levels down. Example: 3 spots, each of those have 3, each of those have 3, etc. So this image is the first level. I need to copy the blue, pink, purple blocks to duplicate under 1A, then also 1B and also 1C. So those will become 2A2B2C, under each block. Then on the next level each blocks needs a blue, pink and purple under it…purpose is a visual model of exponential growth through referrals. When I try to copy and paste, I can't get all 3 to paste, only one even if I have highlighted all 3 when I copy and when I copy and paste from the "mother" (YOU) block and try to paste, for example under 1A, there are 4 blocks under 1A instead of 3. How can I tell it to only copy the "offspring" under you and then paste duplicated "offspring" under 1A? I hope this makes sense. My plan was to "build out" the growth model below 1A, then copy and paste that whole model under 1B and 1C. It's not feasible to do it manually because as we go deeper in levels we exponentially increase and at level 9 I would have to manually copy and paste 19,683 blocks. Please help! If clarification is needed, please let me know. Can I create a template of a 3x3 model and say I want it x levels deep?

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    Hi there! I took some time diving into this issue and also noticed some strange behaviour with copy/paste. It seems that the issue you're describing is that the content in the clipboard gets "updated" as the map grows. So pasting a specific group of topics will only work if those topics stay constant.

    I was able to get around this by creating a separate, detached topic which contains the 3 topics you'd like to copy: Let me know if this recording helps: