How to smart tint of all children topics fill color the same as level 1 in 'Fireworks' theme?

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Goal: In Fireworks Theme, Branch A = red, Branch B = blue. I want all topics of any level in Branch A = red fill, and respectively blue for Branch B. If I move a 3rd level topic from Branch A (which is now filled red), anywhere in Branch B, the fill changes to blue.

Current State: Branch A level 1 = red fill, levels 2+ = transparent; blue respectively for Branch B. Have to manually format color fill of levels 2+. When moving topics from Branch A to B, have to manually update the color fill b/c is was manually deleted. "Paste format" option from level 1 to level 2 is still defaults to any >1 level to have transparent fill

Future feature = option to customize how smart tint works for all subtopics. Check box = fill all subtopics with smart tint? yes please

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    @Andrew Lapidus Thank you for the response! I did upvote and include this use case in the feature request thread.