Where is my mind map?

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I signed up for Mind Meister in October 2021. It worked great and I created and added to one large mind map. Then just last month, I saw that my account was not working. I needed to pay for another year. So I just did, but when I log back in, I can't find my map. Is there a way to get the old one back? I worked on it for quite a long time, so I really need help to get it back. Thank you!

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @nmiljkov — usually this confusion is caused when you have more than one account — is it possible you've created a second MindMeister account with another e-mail address?




  • Jak Finanças
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    Aconteceu a mesma coisa comigo em 14/07/23. Estava trabalhando num mapa e apareceu uma mensagem de erro e na sequencia o mapa sumiu. Estou desesperada.

    Alguém pode ajudar?