No access to my maps on MS Edge! Please help.

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Suddenly I could not access My Maps. I shut down my PC and logged in again but I could not get in. Instead of accessing via shortcut, I searched in the browser and logged in, but I cannot still get into My Maps. I was totally OK until last night. I am having trouble accessing it since this morning. Please help! Thanks.

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    The issue solved by myself. It appears that MS Edge does not want to support accessing Mind Meister any longer. Google Chrome let me access to My Maps without an issue. Anyone experienced the same thing lately?


  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi @MK262,

    I'm pleased you're able to use MindMeister in Chrome. However, it should be accessible via MS Edge as well!

    We'd love to investigate this and figure out what is going wrong.

    Please could you share a screenshot or video of what happens when you try opening on MS Edge with dev console open.

    (Open dev console in MS Edge by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J (Windows, Linux) or Command+Option+J (macOS).)

    Please also tell me your browser + device type and versions.



  • MK262
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    Dear Miša,

    It's funny but I am able to log in via MS Edge this morning. No idea what is going on here. I have absolutely no accessibility to My Maps via MS Edge! I'll send you the information you are looking for on the next time I encounter the same issue. Hopefully no more though. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

    All the best,