[CURRENT BUG] Error when exporting: Cloudflare failed status code 524

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i reported more than a month ago different issues with exporting a mindmap as a graphics (jpeg and png), exporting it as a PDF, and using PPT export.

This was moved to an existing discussion
"[RESOLVED] Centering mind map export pdf"

All this issues still exist. I urgently need to use export as PDF since weeks for my clients!

Most of the time i get the following error messages (screenshots attached):

1. "Request to Cloudflare failed with status code 524 (A Timeout Occurred)"

2. "Oh no - something went wrong"
3. "Something went wrong"

The Timeout to Cloudflare seems to be at the core of the problem. It happens all the time to me.

PLEASE get this export function fixed. I already was in the loop to grant access to my mindmaps to your developers 3 weeks ago.

Maybe the problem is within a corrupt data structure of the mindmaps, or the account.

I really need a solution. To much time has already been wasted.

Greetings, Rainer


  • Rainer
    Rainer DE Basic Posts: 9 Beginner


    i gathered some additional information about the failing PDF-Export.

    Once it helped to delete all embedded YT-Videos (around 20 within the MindMap). I replaced them with the Text-URL ⇒ boom, export was possible.

    Once i used …/Duplicate, entered the new MindMap, changed the name of the root, and ⇒ boom, export was possible.

    Once i wanted to export a MindMap that i already exported sucessfully with PDF/A4. This second time the export was PDF/A3. ⇒ export failed with timeout 524 (see above in the first post). Then i closed the tab, reopened MindMeister again, and ⇒ boom, export was possible.

    It seems there are multiple issues and failing scenarios with the PDF-Export and you have to expand your test-cases for that functionality heavily.

    Greetings, Rainer

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi Rainer — Thanks for the additional information here. I've forwarded it on to our development team and will update you on the status of this bug.

    Sorry for the headache here — please note that we are a small team and that our developers must always make prioritization decisions in our weekly bug triage.