🚀 Product Update: New Unified Sidebar in MeisterTask/Note

Andrew Lapidus
Andrew Lapidus Admin, MeisterLobster, EN Business Posts: 1,012 Community Admin
edited November 2023 in Announcements & Updates

Today, we're rolling out a new sidebar that unifies navigation across MeisterTask and Note.

See it in action below, then scroll down to learn more!

💡What's New:

  • Your projects and notes can now be accessed through a unified sidebar.
  • MeisterTask and MeisterNote now share a single interface.
  • Agenda, Reports, and Notes are more prominently displayed.
  • The Dashboard was removed from the sidebar and reintroduced as an "Overview" in the Projects and Notes sections.

🤔 Why make these changes?

These changes are part of our ongoing effort to more seamlessly integrate MeisterTask with MeisterNote and to provide a unified experience for all phases of project management.

🧭 What's Next:

Next feature releases scheduled for MeisterTask and MeisterNote:

As always, we're happy to get your feedback on this major change to the MeisterTask and MeisterNote interfaces. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




  • Ian Tompkins
    Ian Tompkins EN Pro Posts: 4 Beginner

    I used to be able to view my Agenda while also seeing my list of projects on the left. This new sidebar takes away that functionality; I can now only view my project list or my agenda, never both at the same time.

    This is not an acceptable change, please revert it.

    Also, the next time you plan to overhaul the user interface, maybe do some research first on how your paying customers are using your product. The only survey I've ever received from MeisterTask was about pricing models. Surely that was time that could have been better spent improving the product, rather than trying to figure out how much you could charge?

  • Kevin Kuhn
    Kevin Kuhn EN Basic, MeisterLobster Posts: 15 Principal Product Manager

    Hey Ian, thanks a lot for your comment and feedback on the Unified Sidebar!

    We usually have quite a few research initiatives going at the same time and scopes & target users will obviously only allow for a sample audience and never feedback across our whole customer base.

    That said, I totally understand your frustration and your input is something we'll evaluate as we'll further iterate on the sidebar – which is something that we'll definitely be doing.

    Also, if you want to talk about your specific use case (for Agenda or MT overall), I'd be super happy to learn about it. Feel free to schedule a 30 min call with me here.

  • Ian Tompkins
    Ian Tompkins EN Pro Posts: 4 Beginner

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the quick reply and for the offer to discuss. However, I don't think a 30 minute call is necessary to understand the issue. I used to be able to see my projects and my agenda at the same time, and now I cannot. I have to click frequently to switch between them, which is aggravating and unnecessary. It worked perfectly fine before.

    I can certainly imagine that some folks would like to hide the projects sidebar and increase their focus on the Agenda, and I would be happy for those people to have the option to do so. However, I don't think it's necessary to force everyone else to do the same. Just make it so the projects sidebar can be hidden or shown as needed.

  • Kevin Kuhn
    Kevin Kuhn EN Basic, MeisterLobster Posts: 15 Principal Product Manager

    Thanks for the added context & ideas around how to solve it. We'll take it into account as we'll continue to iterate on the Sidebar. Please feel free to reach out anytime you notice something else. The feedback really helps to build a better product. :)

  • Cathy Fanning
    Cathy Fanning International Partner, MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 183 Mastermind

    Hi Andrew,

    I like the new side bar changes. Very streamlined. Easy to switch to MeisterNote.

    p.s. Web and desktop versions back up and running.


    Cathy Fanning