Is it possible to use the OAuth2 Flow with localhost?

Alexander Rudolph
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I'm trying to create an Application that only runs in electron on the users personal machine, and I am trying to allow them to connect to MindMeister (and MeisterTask) through the steps mentioned here, however I can't use an unsecured URL in the Application registration, but I also can't start a https localhost session, because I would have to create a certificate and sign it on their machine.

Does anybody have an alternative or workaround for me, that does not require buying a secure domain that redirects to their localhost?


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  • Miša Hennin
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    You can use OAuth2 with your local computer (localhost). However, for it to work properly, you need to make your localhost accessible from the internet. You can do this by using a tool like NGROK or something similar. These tools create a temporary link between your computer and the internet so that OAuth2 can do its job.

    I hope this helps!