Why does the iPad Pro app not look like the help center articles?

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Trying to figure out why my mindmeister app doesn’t look like all the help pages says it should look. There’s no sidebar. It IS updated, so that’s not the problem. Can’t find anything anywhere to explain it. I don’t have the options that 2023 video tutorials try to walk me through, specifically the sidebar. And when I click on any topic/border/words, it’s just an outline. No +’s or click and drag. Also can’t click and drag because the unlock (or whatever) option on templates doesn’t exist, so I’m stuck with auto formating. What am I missing?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hiya @Zharptitsa — welcome!

    I think one clarification might help: If you're using the App Store app on iPad, it will look significantly different than the tutorial documentation, which describe the web app available on MindMeister.com

    When using the mobile app, the interface will look a bit different:

    • To add topics, select any topic and then tap the buttons in the lower left and lower right corners of the screen.
    • To disable auto-formatting (which allows click and drag), tap a topic, select the paint brush, scroll to the right and tap layout, then deselect auto.

    Hope this helps! Our team is in the process of updating the mobile documentation. Feel free to reach out again with any other questions in case I missed your point!



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    Thanks Andrew!

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    So I finally had a chance to try this, but… All it did was take the one item I selected and put it right in the middle of the screen on top of everything. There’s a little dot in the middle of it, like something I could tap/grab, except that I can’t. Can’t do anything with it. Can’t drag it around. It just sits there obscuring everything else, unless I hit “auto” again, and it falls back in line. Weirdly - take this as a suggestion - I can’t find a single youtube video of anyone using this app on ipad/ipad pro, to show how it works. No info at all. Seems like a big gap in info.