How can I adjust the right-alignment of a Mind Map by default?

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Buonasera, è la prima volta che creo una mappa mentale in assoluto. ne ho creata una con 4 rami ma si sviluppa tutta a destra del foglio. come faccio a far in modo che si sviluppi sull'intero foglio?

Good evening, this is my first time ever creating a mind map. i have created one with 4 branches but it all develops on the right side of the sheet. how do i make it develop on the whole sheet?

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  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Pergolina73 !

    By default, the first 5 branches of your mind map will be on the right side of your main topic. The next 5 topics will (by default) be aligned on the left side of your topic.

    If you'd prefer to have more topics on the left side, or to customize the aligment in any way you can click and drag a topic at any time.

    Hope this helps!