[RESOLVED] Unable to create mind map after sign up: 500 Error

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I just signed up and I'm trying to create a mind map (I used MindMeister in the past with a different account). When I click the "+" button and choose the mind map layout, the screen hangs on "Creating map from template…" for a long time and then fails. Looking at the network traffic I can see a 500 error in the API call to create the map. I tried a different template and got the same result. This means I'm unable to use the product at all since there's no way for me to create a new mind map.

Some potentially useful information for debugging: I'm running Chrome 118 (latest) on macOS Sonoma (also latest). I signed up with Google SSO, and since I'm in Brazil MM defaulted to Portuguese, so I changed my language to English in the settings. The only thing I did after that was try to create the mind map with no success.

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    Oh well… After trying again and again a few times it eventually worked. 🤔 Maybe this is an intermittent bug.


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    Hey @rafaellp,

    Sorry to hear about this + thank you for adding so many details! This is super useful.

    Are you still facing the issue every so often or it has been completely resolved in the last few days?