Challenged by colours - hope to inspire

Jens Brinch Moeller
Jens Brinch Moeller International Partner, MT Tester, EN Business Posts: 31 Star Contributor

In July 2023 I was one of the presenters at a online event sharing my experiences using mind mapping for facilitating and coaching of team members and clients.

In the presentation I briefly shared that I am challenged by colour so I excused the choices of colours in the presentation – despite nobody commented that part 😎

I have been asked to share my experiences on being challenged by colours.

The intention in sharing this mind map is to inspire anyone with similar challenges to find a way to avoid being limited 💡

Being a young boy with dreams of a career as a fighter pilot or captain of a MTB it was far from exiting being told this path was a no-go, not to mention all the times the following years I have had to prove it by examples/ tests/and so forth.

Leaving public school meant that you were expected to find a career path. Here I discovered that some of the areas of interest I had required a normal colour sight…

Learning some routines, I managed to avoid too much attention to my challenge, routines which I am sharing in this video.

At the end of this presentation, I am using this simple mind map to show you how it changes when scrolling through the 16 Themes available at MindMeister - just to give you an idea of how our creative colleagues see the world…

Link to the video:

Mind mapping is a strong technique - just remember that your presentation will be in front of someone challenged by colours 😉

As you might have noticed this mind map is open for improvements if I find a better way of communication this topic 🤓

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Jens Brinch


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