MindMeister is lacking basic functionality

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I was really hoping for a mind mapping tool that would let my agency to migrate away from Miro app. Something simply yet affective, beautiful and with a reasonable pricing system.

The beautiful part is not just a vanity - we need to feed them or export them for our presentations.

So you can imagine how happy I was when learning about mind meister.

I really love the direction you are taking, but mind master is lacking in the basic functionality. It won't let you to visualise your thoughts on "paper", only very simple thought structure and in very specific way.

We need to create marketing funnels, timelines, multiple mind maps on one board and show the connection between each, have freedom with mind maps (orientations, combine different structures, custom colouring of sections, node specific settings), basic white-board functionality, diagrams, etc... while still remaining true to the simplicity of things.

This is not a complaint, I really like what you are doing here.

These are just my 5 cents and me sharing my reasons why we will still stay with Miro for now. I hope it will be of any help in your future product planning.

Have a great weekend and good luck with your project,

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    ps.: I had issue adding new tags outside of the "popular" selection. It did erase my whole post and I had to write it again. Just a FYI. I run it on Safari macOS (all up to date as of today).

  • Andrew Lapidus
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    Hi @Tofu - thanks a ton for taking the time to write such detailed and honest feedback - I'm glad to hear you appreciate the beauty and simplicity of MindMeister, but sorry to hear that our tool didn't meet your needs as a Miro replacement/whiteboarding app.

    You are totally right - MindMeister is not a whiteboarding tool, and when assessed in this way, it definitely comes up lacking (creating a marketing funnel is, for example, not possible).

    Instead of focusing on several types of visual diagrams, MindMeister focuses on doing one extremely well: mind mapping. At least for the moment, the tool is designed to allow users to quickly jump into a blank canvas and create a beautiful mind map from scratch - without the added complexity of the other use cases you mentioned.

    That being said, we're absolutely interested in improving on how our products best serve teams like yours, and we firmly believe that simplicity, beauty and complexity can (and must!) go hand in hand. We also believe that additional layers of granularity, like funnels, flowcharts, and customizable designs, could also be done "the MindMeister way" with simplicity and beauty.

    Of course, these are big questions that affect MindMeister's future roadmap :D If you'd be interested, our product team would love to schedule an interview to talk about your team's needs and what you'd like to see in MindMeister.

    Let me know if you'd be interested!



  • Tofu
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    Hi Andrew - sure thing. You can reach me on my email mentioned in this profile.

    If it will bring you value I am more than happy to spare some time.

    Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for your reply,

    All the best,