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Preciso renovar minha assinatura do mindminter no meu e mail


  • Miša Hennin
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    You can upgrade any Meister product to a Pro or Business plan under Plan in the left sidebar of the accounts page.

    1. Navigate to the Plan section of the Accounts page.
    2. Choose whether you'd like to purchase a Personal, Pro or Business subscription and click Buy Now.
    3. Select whether you'd like to be billed annually or semi-annually from the drop-down menu.
    4. Click Continue and enter your billing address and payment information.
    5. Click Complete Order. 

    I hope this helps!


  • Luciana Schiavini
    Luciana Schiavini EN Basic Posts: 2 New Here

    Não consigo não dá certo diz que tem erro mas meu cartao está normal

  • Cornelia_is_OutOfOffice Patscheider
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    Hi @Luciana Schiavini ,

    I am genuinely sorry to hear about your difficulties with the payment process.

    Currently, we offer payment possibilities via credit card or PayPal. I kindly ask you to get in touch with your bank for further information why the transaction was not processed.

    If the transaction remains unsuccessful, you may try to use another credit card or PayPal. Alternatively, you can purchase the license from the App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on your mobile device.

    You can find useful information in this Help Center Article: Troubleshooting Payment Issues

    I apologize for the inconvenience.