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Hi All,

My name is Paul and i am very new to Meister Task having taken over a new role that uses this software. Since yesterday one team member is unable to login. We are all on basic accounts and all team members were re-invited to the group prior to 5 Feb so we are really confused as to how it is just one team member with the issue.

Also there is a project that needs to be deleted but i get the below error. As far as i am aware i am the owner but i am not able to delete it.

You don't have access to this task or project. Please contact the owner to gain access.

My explanation is probably a bit vague so apologies as i am still learning how everything works in this system.

Any advice is welcome TIA.


Paul S


  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @PLD Accounts ,

    no worries, let's if we can figure this out together :)

    1) Deleting the project
    It seems to me like you don't own the project. I would advise asking your colleagues who set up the project and what account they used. To gain access to this project, you must find the person who set it up and invite him/her to your team.

    2) Login issue
    Could you please describe in detail how the team member tries to login, and when/where he/she gets an error message?

    Could you please follow the steps below to see if the behavior changes?
    * Clear the cache and cookies in your browser.
    * Try another browser
    * Open your account in incognito/private mode.