access limitations from 5 february

Marco Baso
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I work in a shared project, a yellow esclamation mark appears beside the project alerting my access will expire on 5 february.

5th february is already gone but I am still able to work on the project, should I expect to be blocked at one point? Or that limitation will not concern me?




  • Cornelia Patscheider
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    Hi @Marco Baso ,

    we have seen a lot of similar questions here in the community recently. Have you seen the thread below? It entails more information about the access limitations.

    If this project was shared by someone else with you who is not on a paid plan, then yes, you should absolutely prepare yourself that the limitations are going into effect at some point. The little warning icon is there, so you can prepare yourself. You can find more information about how project ownership works here in the Help Center. You will also find useful steps what to do to avoid that your access will expire. I hope this helps!