[CURRENT BUG] ':/' becomes 🫤 in https links in Android app

Patrick Matias
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while writing notes, anytime you write ':/' it will transform into 🫤 when you finish editing.

this is buggy. look what it made to my links:

and worse: when I tried opening this same note on the web using my laptop, the text on it simply disappeared (you almost made me go crazy); then I looked back again in the android app and it was there with the emojis (😮‍💨). This only happened after I saw this string to emoji conversion on the mobile app. also, when I try to open it in the web, an error is thrown on dev tools right on the note editor.

I hope this helps.



  • Patrick Matias
    Patrick Matias EN Basic Posts: 14 Beginner

    after the note had disappeared and I saw that it was still in the mobile app, I copied the text and saved it in other place. Then I put it back again in a note, and the bug was happening again. But something different happend on the mobile: the two dots (:) from the links has disappeared. because of this that I related this bug to the emoji conversion.

  • Miša Hennin
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    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the info.

    I've opened a bug report and will update this thread with any news.



    P.S. I moved both your questions into the Ask the Community section as you accidentally posted in feature requests. Be sure to post questions in the question sections to get answers more quickly!